Erika has both a Bachelors of Kinesiology from UBC and a MSc in Physiotherapy with distinction from Robert Gordon University in the UK. Erika is a registered physiotherapist who is passionate about empowering her patients, understanding their individual needs, and supporting their journey towards their health goals. She is committed to quality care through holistic health, education, manual therapy, modalities, and exercise rehabilitation.

Erika previously worked as a kinesiologist for two years during which she developed a strong foundational knowledge in therapeutic strength training for multiple conditions. Some of her experience includes working with people post motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, low back pain, and tendinopathies. For people interested in starting an active lifestyle or looking to build functional strength to maintain independence, Erika is eager to help people be proactive in their health and promote healthy ageing through exercise and education.

As a multisport athlete Erika is often at the gym, playing pickleball, climbing, hiking, or playing volleyball throughout the year. Physical activity is important to her and helping others continue and return to sports/activities they care about is her priority.