Bodhi, an RMT at painPRO’s Surrey Memorial Location – carefully listens to patients in order to better understand how their circumstances and daily activities of life may be impacting their current condition. With his extensive experience, Bodhi is comfortable and adept at working with clients’ pain and injuries that stem from sports, work, pregnancy, persistent pain, and complex medical issues. Bodhi has completed extensive post-graduate education and is proficient and comfortable with all types of massage and manual techniques. 

Bodhi brings over 30 years of professional clinical and research knowledge to his practice. His clinical experience is wide-ranging and involves being a part of a multidisciplinary team in a rehabilitation hospital, serving as an independent assessor, performing Medical and Rehabilitation Assessments, as well as working with professional and amateur athletes.

Besides his work at painPRO, Bodhi has been involved in the Registered Massage Therapy profession in many different roles. He has contributed to the massage therapy knowledge base through his research authorship and co-authorship of a number of articles and as a secondary author in Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice.

Bodhi has served the Massage Therapy profession in his roles on regulatory board associations and for 14 years he developed and oversaw the RMTBC research department.  Bodhi is committed to the principles of science and evidence-based practice. This commitment has driven his involvement in various research-based initiatives in the profession. 

When not in the clinic, Bodhil keeps active through weight-lifting and competing in kettlebell sports, running, and various outdoor activities.