General Pain

Many people suffer from chronic and acute soft tissue and joint pain. There are numerous underlying causes that once uncovered will result in the proper treatment care you need. Additional benefits of reducing pain are improved mental health and quality of life.

Manual therapy can relieve both chronic and acute pain caused by inflammation or damage to the soft tissues arising from injury, stress, or disease. Injury includes strain, over use of muscles or joints, repetitive injuries, as well as major trauma from a car accident, fall or other mishap.

Symptoms of General Pain

  • Inflammation
  • Limited mobility
  • Muscle tension
  • Neuropathies

Pain is the means through which your body tells your brain that you have a problem. Once the brain has received and processed the pain message, pain has served its purpose. The body uses natural pain killers, called endorphins which are meant to derail further pain messages from the same source. However, these natural pain killers may not adequately dampen a continuing pain message.


  • Emotional unrest
  • Postural imbalance
  • Accidental injury
  • Poor diet


  • Orthopeadic Assessment
  • Neurological Assessment
  • Treatment Program Development
  • Targeted Manual Therapy
  • Active Rehabilitation

Pain has a negative impact on your quality of life and can impede recovery from illness or injury. Unrelieved pain can become a syndrome in its own right and cause a downward spiral in your health, your emotional outlook, and can be exhausting.

Managing pain properly facilitates recovery, prevents additional health complications, improves mental state, and your quality of life.

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