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Michael Desrochers CEO/ Founder

Practicing Since



As CEO/ founder of painPRO Therapeutics Inc Michael’s unique multi-disciplinary approach has helped thousands of patients achieve a pain-free, healthy, active life. He has worked extensively with TMJ Dysfunction, chronic pain, post surgical adhesions, accident-related injuries (both sport and auto), postural dysfunction, stress, cancer, and many other medical conditions. His approach is relaxed and dedicated to ensuring all patients understand the potential underlying issues that may be negatively impacting their recovery.

Michael has learned that pain is not always based on physical damage or dysfunction in the patient’s soft tissue. Based on his own experience with pain he has learned that biology, psychological state, and social support networks have a profound impact on pain recovery. There is an emerging trend in pain research called the biopsychosocial model of pain which he follows.

Currently, the majority of Michael’s time is dedicated to ensuring painPRO continues to be an industry leader for orthopeadic pain relief by incorporating the biopsychosocial model of pain into the companies treatment philosophy.