Physiotherapy FAQ’s

Following are some Frequently Asked Questions about Physiotherapy

What do I need to bring for my initial physiotherapy session?

Apart from yourself, bring any medical documents that are relevant to your injury or claim.

What should I wear during my Physio session?

Wear something that you are comfortable in and make sure that the affected body area is accessible. Usually females would require a sport top and shorts depending on the area worked and males just shorts. and comfortable t-shirt. We have a limited number of sport shorts available should not have any.

Do I have to undress during a Physiotherapy Session?

No. Typically our professionals only require the area being worked on to be exposed during treatment.

Do you have a change room or showers?

No. You are able to change in one of our clinic rooms however we do not have a shower available. Much of what we do will not cause excessive perspiration.

Am I able to claim my Physiotherapy session through MSP?

To calculate your MSP eligibility for coverage for Physiotherapy you can use their online calculator at Should you qualify for premium assistance you will need to get approved by MSP. Once this is completed we will bill $23 directly to MSP and you merely pay the difference in treatment price. You can also contact one of our patient support team who can follow up on your behalf to see what you are approved for.

Can I claim my Physiotherapy sessions through my extended health?

Yes, you can claim your Physiotherapy sessions if you are covered by your extended health. At painPRO we are able to assist you by directly submitting your receipts to most major insurance companies.  You are merely responsible for the portion not covered by your insurer.

Do I need a referral from a Medical Doctor in order to make an appointment with a Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist?

No, you do not need a referral. Physiotherapists are Primary Care providers and can offer services without the referral of a doctor. However, if you have an ICBC claim your doctor will need to assist in following your treatment program in accordance with ICBC’s protocols.

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