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Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic

Why choose painPRO’s Coquitlam Centre’s Chiropractic?

painPRO Burnaby AcupunctureCoquitlam Centre Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline focusing on the neuro-musculoskeletal system. A manual procedure is practiced by chiropractors. painPRO’s chiropractors at Coquitlam Centre are specially qualified to diagnose and correct problems in the spine, often before the patient even knows that they exist.

Please do not hesitate to contact painPRO’s team of Coquitlam Centre Chiropractor’s to schedule a consultation if you are looking for trusted chiropractic care. From the moment we answer the phone, you’ll feel relaxed with our team. We will also help you make an educated decision as to whether this type of therapy will be beneficial for your recovery plan. Schedule an appointment online today! 

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 The painPRO Difference: Why choose us for Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic?

Our chiropractic treatment at Coquitlam Centre is uniquely tailored for each patient to address distinct health problems and concerns. Our therapies include in-depth instruction on accident prevention, as well as core activities for stabilization. Not only do our chiropractors focus on immediate pain relief, postural correction, and recovery of already damaged tissues, we also concentrate on avoiding such injuries.

At painPRO Clinics, we apply a variety of techniques in chiropractic treatments and can honestly claim that we aspire to be the best Coquitlam Centre chiropractors. For patients who have been frustrated by accidents, injuries, and posture problems, our chiropractors strive to provide for real outcomes and always start to find the real cause of pain.

Team of Qualified Practitioners

painPRO Clinics is a team of highly trained practitioners committed to delivering treatment of the highest quality to all. In order to obtain optimal outcomes for our patients, we continuously interact with each other and work together as a team. Also, you don’t need to go anywhere else because our experts offer all your needs (Chiro, Physio Kin, RMT, and Lifestyle coaching) at one stop.

Specialized Programs for MVA

Crash accidents from motor vehicles can be serious. They could even last a lifetime if left untreated. This is why, in order to guarantee complete recovery, Motor Vehicle injuries require comprehensive patient-centered treatment. We offer a wide variety of speciality care services to meet the individual needs of any MVA patient.

Holistic and Non-invasive Treatments

We believe in a holistic health strategy. That’s why most of our therapies are non-invasive and fully chemical-free. With myofascial release, spinal manipulation, therapy, or corrective exercises, our patients are thoroughly examined and treated. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals for personal wellbeing.


Direct Billing to Insurance

Through billing directly to most insurance providers, we make the financial component of your care as stress-free as possible. Treatments are covered by your extended health benefits which simply means no out of the pocket expense. (ICBC, MSP, and most of the extended medical services included).


Common Conditions We Can Help

Many different spinal conditions that cause musculoskeletal or nerve pain are diagnosed and treated by chiropractors. A chiropractor conducts a physical and neurological test as part of his or her method of making an accurate diagnosis, similar to other types of doctors. In order to validate the diagnosis, X-rays, or CT scan trials can be ordered. Here at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness, these are the common conditions that we help our patients with:

Coquitlam Chiropractor Benefits

  • Pain Relief: Coquitlam Chiropractors often help alleviate pain, especially in the back, neck, and joints. They use manual adjustments to correct misalignments, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Improved Joint Function: Coquitlam Chiropractor adjustments can enhance joint mobility and function, promoting better overall joint health.
  • Enhanced Range of Motion: Coquitlam Chiropractor care may help improve flexibility and range of motion, making it easier to perform daily activities and engage in physical exercise.
  • Posture Improvement: Coquitlam Chiropractors can address issues related to poor posture, helping individuals maintain a more aligned and balanced posture.
  • Injury Prevention: Regular chiropractic care may contribute to injury prevention by addressing musculoskeletal imbalances and promoting overall body wellness.
  • Holistic Approach: Chiropractors often take a holistic approach to healthcare, considering the interconnectedness of the body. They may provide lifestyle and nutritional advice to support overall well-being.
  • Headache Relief: Coquitlam Chiropractor adjustments, especially in the cervical spine, may help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches, including tension headaches.
  • Stress Reduction: Chiropractic care may help reduce physical and mental stress by addressing tension in the muscles and promoting relaxation.
  • Patient Education: Chiropractors often educate patients on proper body mechanics, ergonomics, and exercises to empower them to take an active role in their health and prevent future issues.

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We take your treatment experience seriously and do everything possible to make you a raving fan of the painPRO Difference.

Top Healthcare Professionals

We select and train practitioners with exemplary clinical skills and high standards of ethical conduct.

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See any of our healthcare professionals at any clinic and your medical records follow you. We call this true integrated care.

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You’re busy, need help fast, and we make it easy with online booking 24/7. That’s why our brand promise is “Effective Therapy When You Need It”.

Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic Locations

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Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic

2950 Glen Dr #501
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You’re in Good Hands

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what our patients have to say about our Coquitlam Centre physiotherapy services.

*Disclaimer: The above reviews are from patients who shared their experience on Yelp, Google and Facebook. Results may vary from person to person.

Jarrod Johnson is the absolute best chiropractor I have ever seen. He is incredibly thorough and friendly. I couldn't recommend him enough!

Katelyn W.

Such an amazing clinic! Brand new clinic is bright and clean. New modern equipment. Both the staff upfront and Dr. Johnson exceeded my expectations. He really listens and then educates you on his findings as well as what to expect on the road to recovery. Would rate my experience overall 10 out of 5, seriously that good.

Monica M.

How are painPRO Coquitlam Centre Chiropractors Different?

At painPRO, our Coquitlam Centre Chiropractors are committed to the professional growth of all our team members and allocate significant resources to ensuring they have the highest professional standards in the industry. Here are a few of the things we do to ensure you get the best treatment possible:

  • Patient Centered

    All Coquitlam Centre Chiropractors working with painPRO Coquitlam Centre are independent contractors and have been contracted based on their patient-centered focus. In our eyes, no amount of education can take the place of a Chiropractor who values who you are and looks out for your best interests.

  • Manual Therapists

    Our view is that great patient care in Coquitlam Centre is correlated to the amount of professional attention you get. This is why we insure that all Chiropractors working with us do one on one manual therapy. In other words, you won’t be hooked up to any machine and left alone, you won’t be left alone to do your exercises, and you won’t be left alone with a heat pack. In fact, we only allow one electrotherapeutic intervention due to the significant research behind it…Shockwave Therapy.

  • Team Focused

    This painPRO innovation will help your Coquitlam Centre Chiropractor get better results for you by collaborating with our other healthcare professionals. The benefit to you is the personalized care you get from each of our healthcare team. For example in a 60-minute treatment, your Coquitlam Centre Chiropractor will provide direct hands-on care and if needed refer you to another healthcare team member better suited to handling a specific solution for your recovery. In other words, each treatment is team-focused one-on-one care from start to finish.

  • Am I a Candidate for Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic?

    Virtually anyone can be a good candidate for chiropractic treatment. The most common problems chiropractic adjustment seeks to resolve are lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches. There are multiple ways that our chiropractors can adjust the spine and our skilled, experienced therapists can find the best treatment for a wide range of physical conditions. 

  • What to Expect During Treatment?

    Your Coquitlam Centre Chiropractor will have a standard chiropractic readjustment, putting you in precise positions aimed at treating affected areas of your spine. Lying face down on a padded chiropractic table that is particularly built for this form of treatment. To apply sudden, regulated force to particular joints, the chiropractor will use his hands, maneuvering it a little outside its usual range of motion.

    We aspire to be the best Coquitlam Centre chiropractor at painPRO Clinics.  That way, during your time at our clinic, you should expect nothing but the most professional treatment.

  • At painPRO Clinics Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic, Feel Empowered!

    Do you feel restrained by discomfort, weakness, or loss of mobility? We are here to help you uncover a natural, healthy, and pain-free life. Schedule for an appointment today, Book Online or Call us at 604-684-0029  to learn more about our services. At painPRO Clinics, we are deeply committed to providing quality care to all our patients. And, we are always here to help you reach your health and wellness goals

  • Coquitlam Centre Chiropractic Techniques We Apply in Our Practice

    Depending on your assessment, our Coquitlam Centre Chiropractors will apply ideal techniques based on your condition.

  • Spinal Manipulation Technique

    What is Spinal Manipulation? The spinal manipulation Technique, sometimes referred to as chiropractic adjustment, is a common treatment by Chiropractic doctors for spinal pain.

  • Kinesiotaping

    What is Kinesiotaping? Kinesiotaping is a taping method designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints.

  • IASTM Technique

    What is IASTM? Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is on the rise among health care practitioners, especially in Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.

  • Active Release Technique

    What is Active Release Technique or ART? Active Release Technique or ART was first patented by P. Michael Leahy, a certified chiropractic sports physician.