Functional Fitness

“Train your body to move in the unique way it is designed to. Live a pain free, healthy, and active life.”

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness shouldn’t be confused with personal training. Although there are similarities the main difference is that Functional Fitness involves the assessment and enhancement of your natural movement patterns.  The ultimate goal of Functional Fitness is unique to each participant. Here are a few common reasons people of all ages and experience levels participate:

  1. To maintain full pain free mobility to stay healthy and live independently.
  2. To improve technique, strength, power, and flexibility for all desired physical functions.
  3. To physically challenge their body and add variety to current fitness routines.

Everyone has a special reason for being fit and we make it our goal to support your journey.

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Why Participate in Functional Fitness?

There are multiple reasons to participate in Functional Fitness but the most important one is regaining a normal pain free healthy active lifestyle.

Participation in our Functional Fitness program is important for your overall wellbeing. Research shows that fitness and movement helps reduce pain, improves mood, cognitive function, and unquestionably quality of life.

How is painPRO’s Functional Fitness Different?

You receive personalized one-on-one movement assessment and training with a Registered Kinesiologist. Our Kinesiology team has spend years studying movement science and understands your fundamental movement patterns. You are guided to progressively train your body to achieve optimal movement based on the lifestyle you desire.

  • Patient Centered

    We will design a personalized program specific to your needs and goals. The essence of our program is the understanding that your movement patterns are unique to you. We provide you the exact amount of support you need. Some clients, particularly those new to exercise, may want to be monitored a couple of sessions a week while others may simply want help in creating or modifying a program every couple of weeks. We are flexible and will customize based on your desire.

  • Maximizing your Results

    In today’s society we know how important time is and therefore our focus is on efficiently maximizing your results. We provide 30 minute or 60 minute appointment options based on your available time and needs. Our belief is that you have a great deal of opportunity to do cardiovascular training outdoors so why pay us to watch you do cardio inside. Current research shows more frequent training times of 20-30 minutes can produce the same or better results than longer 60 minute sessions.

  • One-On-One Personalized Sessions

    Our fitness space is designed for one-on-one personalized sessions for no more than 3 people at a time. Therefore you can be comfortable by having more privacy. The best part is the majority of exercises can be done at home without the need of expensive equipment. We are always finding news ways to challenge your system.

  • Commitment

    A critical component of our Functional Fitness program is your commitment. In other words it takes work and we are only part of the solution. We will give you the personalized care you need while with us in addition to giving you the tools and education to be used between appointments. Ultimately it’s up to you to do the work and we are here to support you.

Locations Offering Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Vancouver Downtown

1112 W Pender St #705
Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1

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The health care profession of Registered Massage Therapy is far more advanced than typical body work or relaxation massage. There is a misconception that Massage Therapy is purely a feel good stress relief treatment. Although there are Registered Massage Therapy professionals who work with stress related issues this represents a small percentage of treatments.

The ultimate goal of Massage Therapy is to improve soft tissue and joint health through the manual manipulation of soft tissue, connective tissue, muscles, ligaments, and tendons coupled with therapeutic exercise. There are numerous evidence informed techniques employed with the ultimate goal of reducing pain, speeding up injury recovery, and improving movement performance.

There is a significant and growing field of Registered Massage Therapy that is focused on pain relief, injury recovery, and movement performance. This is the aspect of the industry that painPRO is best known for.