As part of her practicum, Wendeanna gained invaluable experience treating patients at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, at the Burn Plastics and Trauma Unit (BPTU) at VGH, and at Friends for Life. Each outreach provided a unique experience and area of knowledge that Wendeanna was able to learn from. The BPTU outreach was particularly rewarding because she got the opportunity to witness the positive effects massage therapy has on scarring caused by surgery or burns. Also, the work at all of the outreaches helped her to realize the important role massage therapy can play in healing the mind along with the body. All the experience and knowledge that Wendeanna gained during her practicum and her education is directly reflected in her practice. She maintains a high level of professionalism and therapeutic effectiveness while keeping a gentle caring bedside manner. Wendeanna treats a wide variety of conditions and enjoys the challenge of creating the most beneficial treatment for each patient as an individual.