Katherine is a recent graduate of the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) and plans on completing her registration exams in September 2021.

She completed a degree in kinesiology at the University of Toronto and practiced as a kinesiologist for 10 years prior to massage school. Her career began in Toronto where she developed physical rehab programs for stroke survivors and for those recovering from hip and knee replacements. After moving to Vancouver in 2013, she worked at a chronic pain clinic where she designed rehabilitation routines for individuals living with a wide range of injuries, pain syndromes, and psychological trauma.

Katherine’s eagerness to expand her skill set as a healthcare provider led her to massage school. Through her clinical experience at VCMT, she has treated neurological, orthopedic, and systemic conditions using a variety of techniques. In addition, she has provided relaxation massages for acute and chronic stress. Katherine considers the entire body when treating patients and values a multidisciplinary approach to health. She looks forward to working with you to provide a treatment plan that reflects your goals and improves your quality of life.

Outside of the workplace, her hobbies include skiing, hiking, cycling, camping, and making art.


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