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Ishana Debba BSc. Kin, CPT

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Kinesiology Functional Fitness

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    Ishana has been involved in sports from a young age and after taking a variety courses in university, she found a passion for understanding how and why the body moves the way it does.
    While studying in university, she completed a Personal Training certification to gain a practical application of the material she was learning. During her studies, she seized the opportunity to complete a 1 year co-op term at a chiropractic clinic and a 6 month internship at a Strength and Conditioning Gym. She has also worked with seniors in a Get-up and Go program. Recently, she graduated from the BSc. Kinesiology program at Simon Fraser University, with certificates in Health and Fitness Studies, Liberal Arts, and a Co-op degree designation. She now views the body as a 3D puzzle where everything is connected, and loves figuring out the root cause of movement dysfunction. She continues to be a part-time personal trainer, working with all populations, as she enjoys finding new ways to challenge individuals. Ishana has a background in trail running, including completing Seek the Peak 2016, martial arts, and weightlifting. She is currently learning olympic lifting techniques.