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Dr. Zain Mohammed DC, BSc


Dr. Zain Mohammed earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia, where his own sports injuries directed him towards courses in Kinesiology. His instant fascination with the mechanics and workings of the human body quickly geared him away from his original plan of law school and towards a passionate career in Chiropractic. Dr. Mohammed then moved to San Jose, California, graduating and earning his ‘Doctor of Chiropractic Degree’ in December of 2017. At his time at Palmer, he served as a member of the Sports Council, where he was able to treat a range of athletes at different events such as the Sea Otter Classic, the Surfers Path Marathon, Santa Cruz Beach Volleyball, and San Jose State College rugby games.

Dr. Mohammed is certified in numerous areas, which allows him to specialize in fields of rehab and functional movement with athletes of all levels, as well as having a focus and specialization in concussion management and rehabilitation. He takes numerous education classes on both spinal and extremity adjusting, soft tissue therapies, rehabilitation, and diagnostic assessment as he continues to seek more knowledge that will allow him to help his patients daily. Dr. Mohammed has taken extensive continuing education in Concussion/Vestibular Rehabilitation/ Return 2 Play Concussion Management, Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Functional Movement Assessment, Active Release Therapy, Rocktape and Motion Palpation.

Dr. Mohammed has a long history of being a competitive athlete. Playing at high levels of soccer, basketball, and rugby he has suffered many injuries throughout his life and has been helped significantly by chiropractic care to allow him to lead the active and high performing lifestyle he loves. Helping his patients achieve their peak levels of health, wellness, and performance so that they too can enjoy the lives they love is what motivates and inspires Dr. Mohammed every day