Originally from the UK, David has traveled extensively and made the decision to make Vancouver, Canada home 7 years ago.

David had suffered with chronic migraines and bouts of vertigo over the years making life difficult. Through receiving massage therapy, it helped him regain control over his life and return to work and enjoy life again. It was this that motivated him to complete the massage therapy program at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy where he graduated in 2018 where he can assist others in helping them return to a pain free lifestyle.

Pain is weird, and no system in the body works in isolation. With this, David believes engaging with our nervous system is important in order to turn down the pain we experience. In addition to providing relaxing Swedish Massage, David also utilizes techniques such as deep tissue Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release. He has worked on a wide range of clients and truly believes it is important to listen to his client’s story to understand how he can truly help.

Outside of the treatment room, David can be found zipping around the city on his bike and creating baked goods for friends and family.