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Allan, originally from Montreal worked in fields where he was consistently drawn to active environments that were community-based where he was in roles that involved helping people. These include in the early years, working for the YMCA which offered a foundation in community work through programs and first aid training that eventually lead to snowboard instructing. As a result, he promoted a move to the west coast in order to pursue his love of the outdoors and the mountains and all the opportunities that came with it.

Having moved to Vancouver Island initially, it is there where Allan further discovered his appreciation for helping people, where he originally worked as a snowboard instructor and then advanced into the field of ski patrol alongside enhancing his education within the first aid industry. Moving from Vancouver Island to Vancouver, four years later, he returned to school to pursue a diploma in Kinesiology and promptly entered the field of Health and Fitness as a Personal Trainer. A few years thereafter, Allan decided to further his education in the field of Health Care; recognizing he wanted to do more to help people. Discovering massage Therapy was a perfect fit for what Allan’s interests are in the health industry in offering treatments that can promote a healthier quality of life. After discovering the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, which he graduated from. Allan is excited to start making an impact as a Health Care professional.

As much as Allan is invested in promoting a better quality of life and helping others, he is equally invested in his own! On his own time, he enjoys mountain biking, paddle boarding, surfing -and of course, snowboarding!