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Vojtek Purchla BSc. Kin

Health Care Practice

Kinesiology Active Rehabilitation

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Vojtek’s ( vojtek@painproclinics.com ) desire to help individuals, passion for sport, and keen interest in biomechanics and rehabilitation are all major reasons which led him to pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. As a registered Kinesiologist under the BCAK, Vojtek develops, implements, and progresses client specific active rehab & fitness programs to strengthen weak muscles and rebalance the body. Vojtek has worked with a wide range of populations throughout his health career, spanning from geriatrics to young athletes. Currently he works as Rehab Assistant at Community Therapists where he actively rehabilitates individuals in both gym/home and pool settings who have experienced a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury.

Vojtek takes a lot of pride in his profession as he helps individuals get back to work, manage their pain, regain independence, and experience the highest quality of life possible. By working with clients 1-on- 1, Vojtek is better able to understand the client’s injury and needs in order to progress their program appropriately while simultaneously building a trusting relationship and positive rehab experience.

As a Vancouverite Vojtek enjoys taking advantage of British Columbia’s natural landscapes and various climates. He is an avid snowboarder and enjoys hiking, soccer and tennis. He is an avid snowboarder and enjoys hiking, soccer and tennis.