Dr. Sahota’s health conscious gifts ideas!

Think outside the box this holiday season and find some health conscious gifts for your friends and family! Here is a gift guide that is sure to help set up your loved ones for a healthy and successful New Year.

Do you have a favourite fitness class or trainer that gets you moving and feeling great? Why not share what keeps you fit with your loved ones in the form of a gift card to your fitness class! Your friends and family will love this. It will allow them to try some new activities that they may not have thought of on their own. Who knows maybe they’ll love it so much that you’ll get a fitness buddy out of this. Now that’s a gift that gives!

The weather in the lower-mainland this time of year makes it hard to get out of the house and into the gym, so why not bring the gym to the house! Simple gym equipment like kettle bells, foam rollers, and resistance bands are easy to use at home for quick workouts. A great gift to help your friends meet those new years resolutions and no umbrellas necessary!

Fitness and health doesn’t just stop at workouts and the gym, we can’t forget about the importance of nutrition. Peruse the book aisle for a cookbook that provides healthy versions of the classic holiday feasts! Eating Well has a great selection of books and products to choose from online.

No health conscious gift guide is complete without addressing mental health. Treat your friends and family to a massage with a trusted therapist. The holidays can be a stressful time of year and a massage with a registered therapist can help alleviate mental and physical stresses!



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